Frames with an FM160 or FM180 dropout can have a standard Flat Mount 140 caliper mounted directly to the frame without the need for adapters. There are several advantages to FM160/FM180.

  • Clean look without adapters.Mag_Sus
  • Easy to manufacture 1. Caliper to rotor alignment relies on caliper, not the frame.
  • Easy  to manufacture 2. Frame tolerances are more forgiving.
  • Reduced chance of frame damage during installation. Threads are in the caliper, not the frame.
  • Reduced chance of brake squeal, direct connection to strong part of frame.
  • Easy to mount racks and fenders.

Flat Mount 160 and Flat Mount 180 are a great option for many bikes.

  • Mountainbike
  • Cyclocross
  • Gravel
  • Bikepacking
  • E-Bikes
  • Touring
  • Tandems

Facing the brake mounts for FM160 and FM180 frames is the same as FM140, and the Park Tool DT-5.2 universal Disc Brake Mount Facing Set can be used to face FM160 or FM180 frames.